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Discover the benefits of a Promega HelixTM freezer pass.*
Simply complete your details to get your pass and when you take your first product you will receive a £15 IKEA gift card and another £10 IKEA gift card when you take the second one!

*Participating freezers only, a few Helix are stores pass cards only.

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The benefits of Helix

  • Freedom to focus on your research
    • The products you need, just when you need them!
  • View your inventory online
    • See what's in the freezer/cabinet from your desktop
  • Access fresh products 24/7
  • Go to your Helix
    • Swipe your Helix pass
    • Take what you need
    • Receive electronic confirmation
    • ...and get back to your bench quickly
  • Oops, took the wrong product?
    • Return in the first 15 minutes at no charge
  • Virtually all Promega products that can be stored at -20°C or room temperature are available through Helix
    • Plus no shipping costs
    • No expired products
    • No more manual processing
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Get your own Helix Pass and when you get your first product from Helix we will send you a £15 IKEA gift card! Plus take a second product from your freezer and we will send you another £10 IKEA gift card!